Expect the Unexpected

Piccolo fingering graphic

Ottavino = Piccolo Flauta (Italian). Shalini’s first passion was playing the piccolo/a.k.a small flute. Now her passion is creating small-lot wines. A natural migration from one form of art and science to another…

For the last decade, Shalini has crafted highly-rated, small lot pinot noir and chardonnay for her boutique winery clients.With the launch of her Ottavino label in 2020, she aims to focus on varieties which are lesser-known/unexpected in California but equally outstanding. One might say that an Indian-American woman winemaker from New Jersey knows a thing or two about being unexpected but fabulous!

Drawing inspiration from wines she enjoys drinking from around the world and applying the knowledge and skills she has cultivated through years of crafting award-winning pinot noir and chardonnay, these wines are every bit as serious as the wines she crafts for her winery clients.

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